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Dennis Hower

Dennis Hower has been a Teamster member since 1990. He has worked for UPS as a package car driver for over 10 years. He was Assistant Steward in the Allentown center, he was a Trustee for Local 773 from 2005 to 2006, and he was Vice President from 2007 to 2012. Dennis was elected President in 2013.

Dennis is the current Political Action Coordinator for Local 773, and has worked on various campaigns on the local, state and national level. He enjoys working to raise the standard of living for all working families through political action. Dennis is a graduate of Joint Council 53 Organizing School and the Teamsters Leadership Academy on Political Action. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management from Muhlenberg College.

In November of 2011, Dennis was elected to the Board of Commissioners of Whitehall Township. 

Dennis and his wife Lois reside in Whitehall, Pa. with their children Daniel and Juliet. 


Chuck Shafer

Chuck is a second generation Teamster and has been a member since 1976. He was Shop Steward at Roadway Express for 12 years. Chuck and his wife Rita have been married since 1981. They have two daughters, two grandchildren and reside in South Whitehall Township, Allentown.

Chuck is a US Army Veteran and a 1972 graduate of Catasauqua High School.

Since 1995, Chuck has held the positions of Trustee, Secretary Treasurer and Business Agent. He was elected as a rank and file delegate to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 26th International Convention in 2001, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 27th International Convention in 2006, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 28th International Convention in 2011 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 29th Convention in 2016.

He attended the Eight Cities, Eastern Region and National Freight Panels. Chuck was appointed by General President Hoffa as the Chairman to the Central PA Supplemental negotiating and grievance committee and also to the Eastern Region Executive Committee. He negotiated the 2013 through 2018 ABF NMFA Supplemental Freight Agreement.

Currently, Chuck is on the Board of Trustees for the Central PA Health & Welfare and Pension Funds and has attended annual classes for the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

Chuck has also attended seminars on Health and Welfare, Pension, Worker’s Compensation, Steward Workshops and New Member Orientations. Chuck has completed a Quick Books Pro course. He attended the Pryor Seminar on Budgeting and the Teamster Leadership Academy. Chuck is experienced in Public Sector and Private Sector Contract Negotiations and Grievance procedures. He is also a graduate of Joint Council 53 Organizing School.

Vice President

Mark Laubach

Mark is a second generation member of Teamster Local 773 and joined in 1978. His father was a member and steward for many years. Mark was employed at Nestle Purina Pet Care formerly known as Friskies Pet Care and before that Alpo Pet Foods. Of the 32 active years he was employed at Nestle Purina he was a shop steward for 30 years in various departments.

Mark was elected in 2003 as a Trustee and served in that position until appointed as a Business Agent in 2011. Mark has attended many Teamster Local 773 Steward and Business Agent trainings, including Joint Council #53 Organizing School and the Union Labor Leadership Academy offered by Penn State University. Mark represents many members in Public and Private sectors, as well as Pipeline and Construction. He is very dedicated when serving members through contract negotiations, grievances, and always represents the best interests of the working class.  Mark volunteers for Charities that include the Postal Workers Food Drive that supports the Second Harvest Food Bank, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Pink Pumpkins which supports terminally ill cancer patients and is the Chairman of the Annual Joe Weider Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament which supports our Teamster family’s children with scholarships that are attending college or trade school. Mark and his wife Donna reside in Emmaus and have three sons. Mark is a 1976 graduate of William Allen High School.

Recording Secretary

Dave Sukanick

Dave Sukanick has been a member of  Teamsters Local 773 since 1980. He started his career at Material Transport Service as a tractor trailer mechanic in Nazareth PA. He has been employed at UPS since 1987 as a package car and tractor trailer driver.

Dave has been serving as Recording Secretary for Local 773 since 2004, and he is also a board member on the Local 773 Scholarship committee. Dave is a graduate of Joint Council 53 Organizing School, and has participated in numerous organizing drives. Dave also volunteers his time for Big Brothers and Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake, and Teamster Local 773 Joe Wieder Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament.

Dave and his wife Mary reside in Bethlehem Pa, and they have been married since 1982. They have two sons, Pete and Tony. Dave and Mary love to travel in their spare time.


Helen Jones

Helen Jones has been a Teamster since 1999 and has been a bus driver for the Easton Area School district since 1996. She had an integral part of seeking union representation for her bargaining unit. She has held the title of assistant shop steward and chief steward. Helen has furthered her education by attending negotiation seminars, steward seminars, and the Teamsters Leadership Academy’s: How to Negotiate Strong Teamster Contracts. Helen also received a certificate from the Lehigh Valley Union Leadership Academy and the New Officer Training and Education Academy. Helen is currently serving on the Teamsters Women’s Committee as well as the Teamsters Local 773 Scholarship Committee

Helen was presented with the Lehigh Valley Labor Management Council PACC award in 2003. She participated in many Teamster functions including Labor Rallies in Harrisburg and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Annual Women’s conferences.

Helen has been married since 1986 to her husband Roy. They have three children Roy III who passed away in 2016 and Kerry and Sarah. Helen also has three grandchildren that she enjoys spending time with.


Lisa Gaumer

Lisa has been a Teamster for 5 years.  She started in the public school system in 2005 in various positions from Superintendent’s secretary to cleaner at a high school and everything in between.  In 2014 she started working for the Bethlehem Area School District in the secretarial/clerical bargaining unit, where she currently works. The elementary school where she works is also the school that she attended as a child. She volunteers for afterschool programs and evening community events there.  Volunteering is important to her not only at the school but in the community.

Lisa believes that knowledge is power and that is what made her want to become not just a Teamster but an active Teamster.  Over the past five years, learning about my Local but and about unions in general has given her the drive to continue learning and sharing why we need unions.  Being a business major, Lisa became familiar with both domestic and international business.  While obtaining her associates degree and then her bachelor’s degree, it wasn’t until she was afforded the opportunity to take the Penn State Labor Relations course that she realized there was many pieces of critical information not taught in the collegiate classroom.  Historical events may have been taught but how the unions played a huge part in these events seem to be lost or glazed over.

What being a Teamster means to Lisa is that as a Hispanic female she is given the same fairness and equality as every other brother or sister in her union contract.  She was proud to become an Advisory Committee member, the secretary of our Women’s Committee, a Delegate of The Lehigh Valley Labor Council and now the honor of being a Trustee. In each of these roles she will continue to be the best she can be and to be an intelligent representative for this Local.

With all the titles she has in life, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt and niece, choosing the title of Teamster allows Lisa to be a strong provider and hopefully role model in every aspect of her life.

Business Agent

Darrin Fry

Darrin is a US Army Veteran who served honorably during the first Gulf War. He has been a Teamster member since 1991, starting at UPS during the 1990 Christmas season. While at UPS, Darrin worked his way through the ranks of part-time loader to part-time temporary cover driver and eventually to a full-time package car driver.

Darrin, a leader during the 1997 UPS strike had served as a Strike Captain during the said strike. He was a Shop Steward for 10 years before becoming a Business Agent in 2004. As Business Agent, Darrin represented UPS members, public sector members and organized many of his own members into the Union. After serving for over 14 years as a Business Agent, Darrin became an elected Trustee of Local 773 where he helped to oversee the finances of the local union.

Darrin has taken many Teamster Leadership training courses over his 30 years as a Teamster leader including Joint Council 53 Organizing School, the Business Agent Skills In Training Course, New Officer Training, Negotiating Courses, and many seminars in topics such as Workers Compensation, FMLA Leave, Sexual Harassment and Shop Steward training.

Darin has processed and won many Unfair Labor Practice charges including one which resulted in over a quarter of million dollars in lost wages and benefits being paid to newly organized members.

In his spare time, Darrin enjoys hiking and skiing. He lives in Emmaus PA.

Having processed, and won, many grievances at every level of the grievance procedure and having negotiated many contracts including many first-time contracts, Darrin is qualified, dedicated, and experienced to fully represent the membership of Teamster Local 773.

Business Agent

Rick Bachman

Rick Bachman has been a Teamster since 1978, working for ABF Freight for the past 30 years.  Rick is now a Business Agent for the Local and enjoys serving our members. 

Prior to working at ABF, Rick worked for McLean Trucking and Mary Macintosh Laundry. During his time with the Teamsters and ABF Freight he has been a shop steward and he is currently on the building committee for the new Teamsters Hall in Whitehall.  He has taken the opportunity to attend organizing seminars.

Rick has volunteered his time and talent for the Second Harvest Food Bank food drive. Rick has achieved 29 years of safe driving.

Rick has been happily married to Cindy for 18 years and they have a beautiful family with many grandchildren and more on the way. When he is not with his family he likes to compete in the Professional Truck Driving Championships and has been a two time grand champion for the state of Pennsylvania.

Business Agent

Tim Groller

Tim has been a Teamster for 18 years, and is currently employed by Buzzi Unicem (Hercules Cement).

He has been a Steward for his entire Teamster life, and a Chief Steward for the past four years. He was previously a Vice-President and Executive Board member for the Cement, Lime and Gypsum Workers Union.

He and his wife Lenore have two sons, Timothy II and Jason. Tim has served on numerous negotiating and grievance committees. He is also active in his community. He has volunteered his time as a coach on his children’s baseball and wrestling teams in Palmer Township.

Business Agent

Brian Taylor

Brian has been a Teamster member since 2008 when he helped organize his co-workers at UPS Freight.  Since the ratification of the UPS Freight National Agreement, Brian has continued to advance in his involvement with the Teamsters.  He was a Steward at UPS Freight and a trustee for the Local until 2015 when he began working full time for the Teamsters.  At that time he began fulfilling his new role as Organizer and Business Agent.  He is a second generation Teamster who believes in the rights of the working class.

Brian represents many workers in both the private and public sectors.  He has lead employees through the election and contract process to ensure that they have better compensation and healthcare, but mostly to ensure that they are respected by their employers.  He has extensive knowledge in both the grievance and arbitration process and is available to those he represents day and night. 

In addition to his role at the Local, he is the current President of the Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association Chapter 53 North, an organization he helped to form in the spring of 2010.  This Motorcycle Association welcomes new members and is involved in community based fundraising.  Brian enjoys volunteering for worthwhile charities including the Second Harvest Food Bank, Teamster Local 773 Scholarship Golf Tournament, and he is an active participant in his church.

Brian has attended the Teamster Local 773 Steward and Business Agent Trainings, the Teamster Leadership Academy for Organizing and Strategic Bargaining, he completed the Mid-Atlantic Labor Leadership Initiative Course through Penn State University, and he continues to work on organizing drives for Teamster Local 773.  He prides himself on wanting to learn and excel in all areas of representing America's Working Class.

When he is not at work he enjoys hunting, golfing, and riding motorcycle.  Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Julie and their five children, Abigail, Seth, Sarah, Jesse, and Isaac. 

Business Agent

Matthew Weidman

Matt Weidman has been a Teamster member since 1998, working as a Corrections Officer at the Monroe County Correctional Facility for almost 20 years. He was a Steward for 15 years at the correctional facility where he proudly represented his fellow coworkers.  Matt served as a Trustee for the local from 2016-2018.  He currently serves as a Business Agent, Organizer and Political Coordinator for the local. He has successfully completed courses through the Teamster Leadership Academy regarding organizing and strong contract negotiations. He has attended multiple national conferences for Public Services, Political Coordination and Teamster Law Enforcement/Corrections. 

Matt has created a nonprofit benefit ice hockey team that donates to the Children’s Heart Foundation and multiple cancer awareness foundations.

Matt and his wife Laura reside in Bally, PA with their 3 amazing children…Joshua, Nora and Jack.

He enjoys playing / coaching hockey, RVing, four wheeling and fishing.

Director of Communications /Organizer

Daniella De Leon
Daniella De Leon joined the local on January 2, 2014. Daniella served as our office manager, organizer, and translator. In January 2019 she took on the role of Director of Communications. She is also a member of the Local Union Women's Committee and a board member of the TeenWorks program. Daniella graduated from Muhlenberg College in October 2017 with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Leadership. She is currently a graduate student at Penn State University and is pursuing her Master's degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations. Daniella and her daughter Abrianna reside in South Whitehall. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and volunteering in the community.

Office Manager

Ivana Rincon

Ivana Rincon serves as our Office Manager and Translator. She joined our office in December of 2017.  She has been a Teamster for 15 years.  Previously, she worked for Bethlehem Area School District, as a Secretary, for 14 years.  She served on the negotiating committee for two contracts.  She has also held her Real Estate License since November 2000 and has been a member of the National Association of Realtors for 19 years.  She loves to serve her community and spend time with her family. 

Titan Operator

Tiffany Solano

Tiffany Solano is the Titan Operator at Teamsters Local Union 773. Tiffany was hired by the local after serving a short probation  period. She demonstrated through hard work and dedication that she was committed to the job of serving our union members. In August 2019 Tiffany will be celebrating her one year Teamster Anniversary.  

Tiffany came from the banking industry and she had the pleasure of working as a teller for Santander Bank.  While this is Tiffany’s first union job, Tiffany has proven her love and enthusiasm for the Labor Movement. She is eager to learn more and is an active member of the union. She is so dedicated and has such a drive towards life.

Tiffany resides in Catasauqua with her mother and currently has no children. She looks forward to being a mother someday and enjoys volunteering in the community.  


Teamsters Local 773
3614 Lehigh Street
Whitehall, PA 18052

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